Week 8: How do Christians view the Bible?

posted 29 Nov 2011, 11:45 by Peter Booth
This week we looked at the Bible. Our understanding of who Jesus is comes from the Bible so its important to understand why we can trust the Bible. However, no number of facts will convince us that the Bible is true. The only way we can be convinced of the Bible being true is if the Holy Spirit convinces us that its true. We did three things, we firstly looked at the historical reasons for why we can trust the Bible, then we looked at the whole story of the Bible and then we studied a particular passage of the Bible, praying that the Holy Spirit would convince us that it is trustworthy. We saw how the Bible had been writen by Jesus' closest friends, people who would know if the miracles were true or not. These people died for what they knew to be true and so we can trust what they said. We also looked at a number of other books which were written around the same time as the Bible; for other books there are between 10 and 500 copies in existence today but for the Bible there are over 24000 copies and these date back to only 25 years after it was written whereas the other books date to hundreds of years after they were originally written. Therefore we can trust that the Bible we read today is the Bible that was actually written and that it hasn't been changed as stories are passed down generations.
Secondly we looked at the whole story of the Bible from when God created to the Earth to when Jesus will come back and the Earth as we know it will end. We saw how people rejected God and God disciplined them but still loved them. Many people rejected God but God chose a special nation who would be a blessing to everyone on Earth. It was from this nation (Israel) that Jesus came, to restore our relationship with God by dying on the cross and rising to life again. Our job is now to tell this great news to everyone all over the world. One day Jesus will return and we will have a perfect relationship with God. We will live in the new creation; a perfect place where there is no sin, no death and no pain. God will restore us into perfect relationship with him if we accept the forgiveness Jesus offers.
Finally we looked at Colossians 1:15-23. This passage speaks of how Jesus is God, of how he created the world for his enjoyment and wants us to enjoy it with him. One day we will reign with him if we accept the forgiveness he offers.

by Paul Zealey