Week 6: What is a Christian?

posted 17 Nov 2011, 07:25 by Peter Booth   [ updated 17 Nov 2011, 16:07 ]
What is a Christian?
During this chapter we looked at what it means to be a Christian. We saw that we all have a problem called 'sin.' Sin causes our relationship with God to be broken. God is the rightful ruler of the universe but we have made ourselves kings and queens of our lives; we have decided to do whatever we want to do and live with no regard to God and what would have us do. Because of our disregard for God and our dishonouring and shaming of God, we deserve to be punished. God is angry when the people he has lovingly created and given so much to, live with no regard to him - in the same way that a parent would be angry if their children didn't listen to them and didn't honour and obey them.
However, Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment we deserve. All the anger of God was put on Jesus when he died so that we could be saved from it. Jesus rose from the dead to show us that he had forgiven us and that by accepting the forgiveness he is offering we can repair the relationship with God and we can become his sons and daughters as we were created to be. We can know God and be known by him - that is what it is to be a Christian. A Christian is someone who recognises that they are a sinner, but that God has provided a Saviour and that God wants to use them to tell others about Jesus.

by Paul Zealey