Week 5: Did Jesus come alive again?

posted 6 Nov 2011, 15:24 by Peter Booth
Did Jesus really rise from the dead? 

The accounts of Jesus in the Bible teach us that Jesus died, that He was buried, and that the tomb (where Jesus was buried) was empty. After 40 days Jesus rose to heaven to be with God, his father. Jesus left his Spirit with us and he is still with us today. You can read about this in the Bible in John 19:38 to 20:23. 

There are many challenges that can be thrown at the claim that Jesus came back to life but when we think about these they don't make sense. What we know is that no-one ever produced a dead body of Jesus (and yet the religious authorities would have wanted to in order to prevent the spread of Christianity) and we also know that many followers of Jesus who saw him alive again after his death, died because they told the truth that Jesus came back to life - it seems unlikely that so many would have claimed this to their death if they had made it up.

Jesus coming back to life is important because it gives hope in suffering, pain and death to those who believe and trust in Jesus. In the Bible, Romans 8:11 says "God raised Jesus to life! God's Spirit now lives in you and he will raise you to life by his Spirit." When we face pain, suffering and death we know that Jesus is with us through his Spirit, and that he has led the way to a better place - heaven; a place where there is no more pain, suffering and death, and where we will be in God's presence forever. 

Believing that Jesus came to life again is a fundamental part of Christianity. It is something we believe and something we can test. As we keep on believing and testing our belief grows. The first step is to start believing it is true.

by Andy Gray

There are some extra PDFs which you can download on the resources page, which further think about the resurrection in varying degrees of detail.