Week 1: How do we know there is a God?

posted 8 Oct 2011, 03:12 by Peter Booth   [ updated 15 Oct 2011, 14:31 ]
There are three things we can "look" at which help us to answer this question:

1. Look out -  Nature: In the natural world around us we see a detailed and beautiful design; this points to there being a designer and a maker. Nature tells us there is a God.
2. Look in - Experience: Through the experience we have in our lives we often find ourselves longing for a purpose. We can fill that purpose through work, study, having a family...etc. But when we achieve those things there is still a gap. Since I started having a relationship with God, that longing for a purpose has been filled in my life - I now know that I was made by God to live for God and to have a relationship with God. Experience in our lives tells us there is a God.
3. Look back - History: The Bible is a great record of the historical events between God and people. More than that, the Bible is a way God communicated with us. The Bible also records the life of Jesus. Look at Mark 1:1 - "The beginning of the Gospel about Jesus Christ the Son of God." Mark's book is a Gospel (which means 'good news') about the life of Jesus. Mark starts by telling us that Jesus is the Son of God. For us to really know there is a God, God has to come and see us. That is what He did, through Jesus. God came to earth, and we can read about the real historical accounts of this written 2000 years ago in the Bible, that are as relevant today as hey were then. History tells us there is a God.
If there was no God then we are all just some kind of accident with no real purpose. But, if there is a God, then it is very important to find out about Him, what He is like, what He says, and how we should relate to Him. That's what we'll do in the following few weeks.

by Andy Gray