Introductory week 0

posted 4 Oct 2011, 02:02 by Peter Booth   [ updated 8 Oct 2011, 03:31 ]
An Introduction to the Bible

The Bible is the world's best selling book, has been translated in 2018 languages (Shakespeare's works have been translated into 50), it was written over a period of about 1500 years by about 40 different authors, making up a library of 66 books. It contains history, drama, songs, poetry, prophecy, eye-witness accounts and real letters written to real people. 

The Bible is made up of two halves; the Old Testament and the New Testament. (Testament = a promise made between humans and God. It is something serving as proof or evidence). The Old Testament shows God's promises and is looking forward to the future and these promises being fulfilled. The New Testament shows God's promises are fulfilled through God sending his son, Jesus, into the world. 

The Bible is a collection of 66 smaller books but collectively it makes one big book. Christians believe that God speaks to us through his actions and words as they are written down in the Bible. If this is true, then it is an extremely important book!

Writers in the Bible often used place names, names of people, Kings and rulers. To see if the Bible is the truth, we can check this in other pieces of historical evidence. Other writers at the time mention events that took place as they are recorded in the Bible. If these parts are true, then we have reason to believe the rest of the Bible.

The Bible can also be used for us in our lives today. It offers help, peace and comfort. It tells us of God's love and care for us. In life we can find ourselves in all kinds of situations, whether good or bad, but the Bible can be a source of help and bring us closer to God. 

We will be studying more about the Bible and what it says in the coming weeks in The Visa Course. 

by Rachel Brown