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From Wed 4th October until 13th December we will be finding out what the Bible has to say about Jesus Christ. This explores what is at the very center of the Christian faith. Each evening we'll read part of the Bible, discuss what this means, and answer any questions you have. We'll also watch a short DVD presentation that explains Christianity a bit more. This is for anyone, we are happy for you to come and share time with us whatever your background. Everyone is welcome to join us.

In December we will also be arranging a one day trip to the British Museum in London, where we'll give a personal tour of the items in the Museum that relate to the Bible.



Christianity Explored Universal


4 Oct 17

CE Week 1: What is Christianity?


11 Oct 17

CE Week 2: Who is Jesus?


18 Oct 17

CE Week 3: Why did Jesus Come?


25 Oct 17

CE Week 4: Why did Jesus die?


1 Nov 17

CE Week 5: Why did Jesus rise from the dead?


8 Nov 17

CE Week 6: How can God accept us?


15 Nov 17

CE Week 7: What does it mean to follow Jesus?


22 Nov 17

CE Week 8: What next?


29 Nov 17

Bible Overview



2 Dec 17

TRIP to British Museum

6 Dec 17

Sum up Quiz


13 Dec 17

Final – Christmas event