Week 3 - The God who answers our questions

posted 4 Mar 2012, 14:57 by Peter Booth
The God who answers our questions (Acts 17:16-34)
When something is missing in life, it just isn't as good. This passage is Paul speaking to people who are looking for something to satisfy their desires, the people of Athens were looking for something deeper and more fulfilling than what their idols (gods) could offer. Paul has the answer.
The God who raises questions (vv. 16-23)
When Paul arrives in Athens he starts speaking to people about Jesus. One group in particular want to know more and so they invite him to speak to them. Paul notices in Athens that the people are very religious, they have many idols. Idols are things that take the place of God in peoples lives. In Athens these were statues made of stone and gold that people bowed down to. In our lives today they are often things like money, success, love, acceptance, comfort, happiness, the list goes on. These things on their own are not bad but when they become what we aim for in life then they take the place of God. There is nothing wrong with these things but when we look to them to satisfy our deepest needs they will only disappoint us. Only God can satisfy our desires.
The God who answers our questions (vv. 24-31)
So why does Paul's God answer our deepest questions and fulfill our deepest desires? This is why:
  1. v24 This is the God who created the world, who created you. He knows how you work best and has taught us how to live best in the Bible, not because he is a mean God but because he loves us and hates to see us live lives which aren't the best for us.
  2. v26 He has a plan for our lives. God knows what he wants you to be doing now and in the future. He knows all things and knows the best things for you to be doing.
  3. v27 He longs to have a relationship with you. He has created us to know him and he is close to us. If we pray and ask him to forgive us for rejecting him until now he will forgive us and we can know him through the Bible and through prayer and through spending time with Christians. He longs for you to reach out and ask him into your life.
  4. v.31 One day everyone will have to give an account to God for how they have lived their lives. There will be a judgement day, and if we choose to reject God's offer of forgiveness we will get what we have asked for; separation from God for eternity.
The God who demands a decision (vv. 32-34)
This is the God who can fulfill our deepest needs, who can answer the deepest questions in life. Will you choose to reject him like some of the people in Athens? Or will you choose to accept his forgiveness and make him your number one desire? If you do, he will satisfy your longing and give purpose and joy to your life.

by Paul Zealey