Week 2 - God's promises

posted 28 Feb 2012, 14:44 by Peter Booth

God’s Promises: We read two passages in Deuteronomy, chapters 5:1-21 and 6:1-9.

  • The passages tell us about 10 rules or laws God set down for His people to follow.
  • When I read this what struck me was what this shows us about God. He came to His people to give them these laws directly - this is pretty amazing. We read that He spoke directly to them; He would only do this for them if He loved them.
  • What's more, we read in the rules that He is jealous when His people go after other things instead of Him. It helps to think of God as a parent, giving good rules to His children, and imagine how that parent would feel if their child ignored them and went after something or someone else.
  • In fact, the first four rules are about honouring God. This is therefore very important. There is then one about honouring your own father and mother and the remaining five are: Don't murder, Don't commit adultery, Don't steal, Don't lie and Don't envy things. [It's helpful to consider the first four as being about our vertical relationship with God, and the next six being about our horizontal relationships with those around us - honouring our father and mother are first in the horizontal list and the most important in those horizontal relationships.]
  • We might think that these rules are fairly easy to follow, but we need to remember that God is totally pure, and so His standard is much higher than that of the rest of society. For example, God considers hate as breaking the rule "Do not murder!"
  • So it turns out that we have all fallen short of these laws by God’s standards. How then can we keep them? In Chapter 6 we read that we must love God with all our heart and soul  and strength. The truth is that to follow these rules it must come from our heart and not from our head.
  • This is what Jesus offers. When we believe in Him and turn to follow Him He gives a life change through His Spirit coming into our lives and causing our hearts to desire to live God’s way.

The question I will leave you with is: how do you think rules can travel from our head to our heart?

by Andy Gray