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No Record of Anything Ever Having Gone Wrong

posted 13 Feb 2012, 09:55 by Peter Booth   [ updated 13 Feb 2012, 09:56 ]
A few weeks ago we mentioned this illustration during the study on missions, which included an overview of the gospel to which we cling. The story was originally told by David Platt and is an illustration of our position before God the Father thanks to his saving work through God the Son. 

A man saw an advert for a Rolls Royce which described it as the car that would never never never break down; so he bought it, at a hefty price. A few months later he was driving it around one day, and it broke down. He was pretty far away from town in the middle of nowhere, so he called Rolls Royce and said "hey, you know the car that will never break down, well I'm broken down." They said they would get someone to him immediately, so they flew a mechanic to take a look at it. The mechanic arrived in a helicopter, they landed and the car was fixed. Not often you get flying mechanics! 
So the man begins driving away after it's fixed, and a few weeks later realises he hasn't received a bill or heard anything from Rolls Royce, so he gives them a call, knowing that the helicopter wouldn't have been cheap. He wanted to sort out his accounts. He called and explained how he'd like to take care of his bill and get it out of the way, and Rolls Royce responded saying "Sir, we're ever so sorry, but we have absolutely no record of anything ever having gone wrong with your car..." 

The God of the universe looks at our lives and says that he as absolutely no record of anything ever having gone wrong, it fact he looks at us and because we're clothed in Christ says he has a record of everything having gone RIGHT! That is a scandal. We have a scandalously merciful saviour who is our substitute. 

We have an incomprehensibly glorious God, we are a sinfully lost people, and we have a scandalously merciful saviour. This is why we have an indescribably urgent mission. This God warrants more than raising a hand and praying a prayer, nominal attendance and casual adherence. This God warrants total abandonment. Total abandonment of our lives and our dreams, our hopes and our possessions and our stuff. All of it on the table.  "How do you want to use my life and this church for the spread of your glory and this gospel to the ends of the earth?" This is the only right response.