This page has all the information you should need to know about the Easter vacation Word Alive event. Here you'll find videos, testimonies, general information. If after having a look at this page you have questions about Word Alive, please don't hesitate to ask one of our Friends International staff team (Susan, Kerry or Mary).
What is it?
Word Alive is a 6 day long Christian conference and holiday in the Easter vacation of each year. It's a time to enjoy teaching, fellowship and worship together and is for people of every age. It's held on a holiday site on the north Wales coast in a town called Prestatyn, each year over 5000 people will go. There is a dedicated international student track which we attend in the afternoon in previous years around 180 international students from 30 different countries have attended. But the fact that there is a dedicated track doesn't stop you enjoying the other activities each morning and evening, including the beach!
What is an 'international student track?'
It's a daily meeting specifically designed for international students! Over the week there will be one theme and each day there will be a talk from a Bible passage. After the talk there will be small groups for discussion, and then a question and answer session as a big group again. You will be placed in different small groups for the week based on your first language, the time you've been a Christian and home country/province. 

There will be tea/coffee and toilet breaks during the sessions each day.

Do I have to be a Christian?
The track is designed for Christian international students and provides a great time of teaching and discipleship – it is definitely not a basics course. However, there are beginner small groups for those who are not Christians but who are looking into Christianity, in both English and Mandarin. 

Network - with other students from your home country 
Grow - as we are taught and reflect together on the Bible in small groups
- with many nations, in different languages and styles
Be equipped - to serve God in your home country, as we consider how his Word applies in our different contexts

Why should I go?
   - A student who attended from Southampton...
"Word Alive was really a fantastic experience for me, I had different talks, discussion, international group seminars in the daytime. During the night time, I joined the student celebration, where thousands of students from different universities around UK get together and worship God. And there were different live music, concert being held each night. Except all the exciting activities, we lived and cooked together in a caravan, played on the beach, walked around during the free time in this beautiful centre etc. I really enjoyed last year and looking forward to go again."

When is it?

The 2020 event will be  from Sat 4th April to Thursday 9th April 2020.

How do we get there?
We travel altogether from Southampton by car or minibus, and return in the same way.

What about food and accommodation?
We book apartments booked that hold four people in each apartment. There is a shower and toilet in each apartment, and people share rooms (split guys and girls).
For food, we will do one big shop at the start of the week and each apartment will be given the week's food. There will be enough food for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day with a set menu and we will share the cooking and cleaning. If you eat a lot and are still hungry, there are many shops and places to eat
on-site including bars, cafés and pizza/burger bars - bring some extra spending money

How much does it cost?
The total cost for the week in previous years has been around £150 for the basic food, accommodation and transport. Please ask us for this year's costs. This is great value for a weeks holiday, with food, excellent teaching, a dedicated international student track, great fellowship, and a lot of fun!
There will be an international student bursary available if you would find attending Word Alive difficult financially. Please note this is on a first come first served basis via the Word Alive organisers. 

Because we book per bed and not per person, we regret we can't guarantee a full refund after January unless there's someone else who wants to take your place, in which case we can issue a 100% refund. Other circumstances in which we'll give you a full refund include serious physical injury, family bereavement and other related circumstances. 

Other useful information: 
  • The international student track is jointly run/organised by Friends International and OMF Diaspora ministries
  • Please speak to Susan Caddy to book a place
  • Advanced booking required