Lighthouse Advanced Class

Hi folks. I'm slowly going to start putting a couple of things up here. I'll try and include a homework summary as well for the week in case any missed it during the lesson. Since you've found the right page perhaps save this in your internet browser enabling you to easily find it again. 

Try spelling the word (American English)

This week's homework

There is no homework this week! 

Need a Dictionary?
At an advanced level, one of the main things you will be learning is new vocabulary. It is therefore very beneficial if you have a good dictionary. The best type to have would be an 'Advanced Learner's Dictionary.' These include very clear explanations of the different meanings of a word, the pronunciation, grammatical features and examples of the word used in context. They also include things like idiomatic expressions. These dictionaries are sadly quite expensive though, but second-hand ones are available in some good bookshops and online. Some now include a CD with extra features.
Here are two to look out for:

Over time I'll be adding some useful downloads below. To start us off, there's a useful phonemic chart pdf. If you don't already know this chart or know how to use it try to learn, as it will help when learning new vocabulary, especially if learning it from a dictionary. Click here (external site) to download a flash version of the chart which will speak to you! Remember to turn on your speakers. 
[Click on the arrowďto download each file.]
Peter Booth,
15 Feb 2012, 03:15